SurpHaces is a professional resource and support organization
for quality surface PROS and their customers.

At SurpHaces, consumers can find expert answers, solutions, and service providers for stone, tile, terrazzo, wood, carpet and interior textiles, polished concrete, metal, VCT and more.

The PROS in this network consist of skilled specialists in a variety of disciplines including specification, installation, repair, restoration, and maintenance. Each one is concerned with the art and science of surfaces—that is, they provide solutions that take into account both the beauty of surfaces and other important considerations, such as surface functionality, safety, preservation, and sustainability.

Each PRO Partner company is vetted, has signed a commitment to professional integrity, and has earned the right to be designated as a Certified SurpHaces PRO Partner.

At our core are seasoned, renowned stone and tile experts coupled with marketing and design specialists, including technical writers, graphics artists, developers, SEO experts, and more, and a support team second to none.

Driven by our team of dedicated and highly skilled people, our  wealth of benefits incorporates support,  services, and resources designed specifically for businesses in this industry to thrive in today’s marketplace. 

Our Partner fees and costs are surprisingly affordable. If you were to try to find all of the services we include in our very reasonable monthly fee you would find that our fee is a fraction of anything comparable. And to top it off, we are highly specialized and understand your business better than anyone.

We have always believed that if you are benefitting from being a PRO Partner (you are experiencing a positive return on investment) that you will stay with us. We have never felt the need to lock you into any term contract.

In spite of no term contract, Partners stay with us year after year, and even offer to be our champions — telling others about their own experience being a Partner.

Your team

Unparalleled Tech Support

One of the most appreciated benefits of being a Partner.

Powerful Marketing Solutions

Our team of highly skilled people working hard on your behalf.

Proprietary Resources

Valuable resources available exclusively to PRO Partners.

About being a PRO Partner

You offer outstanding services and maintain a stellar professional reputation. We support you and drive business to you. It’s pretty much that simple.

What PRO Partners say

Joe Porcello
Gulf Coast Surface Restoration

Easy to use and powerful. Very intuitive and easy to use. The more I use it, the more I realize what a powerful tool it is. The course was great. I learned things I didn’t know.

Wendy Fenske
Sparkle Surface Care

Great resource! We use the program to support our technicians but very often we simply forward the step-by-step instructions to our customers so they can remove simple stains themselves. They love us for this!

David Bonasera
Dave the Marble Guy

This information is solid. I’m a fan of Fred Hueston. I’ve reached out to him for many years and his answers and resources have been a godsend. The information in this app is rock solid.